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Our solutions ensure an optimally functioning dairy farm. We get up every day to help the dairy farming sector a little further every day. We do this by tailoring our solutions to the dairy farmer's needs and by putting ourselves in the cow's shoes, so to speak, to create the highest possible animal welfare.

Feed Station walk through


By feeding according to need, rumen health improves and milk production goes up. A Hanskamp feeding station ensures that every cow gets the right portion of concentrate she needs. Cows that do not absorb enough during milking, as well as heifers and dry cows, get their concentrate from the concentrate station. Hanskamp's concentrates stations can be fully custom-built. View all possibilities and applications for an existing and new concentrate station below.

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Feeding in the milking robot

Every dairy farmer would like to use the milking robot as optimally as possible. Both the capacity of the milking robot and the feed composition and intake must be correct. Liquid, powders, minerals and other feeds can be fed in the milking robot with Hanskamp's solutions. Below, we would like to show you the range of products that will make milking in your milking robot even more successful.

Pipe Feeder High Speed Sheep rotary New Zealand 1 type of feed

Feeding in the milking carousel

Feeding is key to optimising milk production. Each cow receives a certain amount of feed when she enters her stall in the carousel. Feeding in the milk carousel makes cows eager to come to the carousel and let their milk shoot faster. Check out the range of solutions to apply liquids or concentrate in your milking carousel.

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The FreeLivingBarn is an innovative concept in the livestock sector. The idea behind this barn is to give cows as much freedom and space as possible, so that they can display their natural behaviour and have good welfare. In the FreeLivingBarn, the cows are not confined to cubicles, but have the opportunity to walk around freely and lie down in a large space. This allows them to lie down, exercise and socialise with other cows as needed.

Cow Toilet urinatie zij aanzicht


The CowToilet is an innovative system developed to collect cow urine and separate it from solid manure. The idea behind the CowToilet is to reduce the amount of ammonia in the barn, providing a better climate for both the cows and the farmer. This is because ammonia is harmful to the health and welfare of the cows.

With the CowToilet, urine is collected and transported to a separate storage area, allowing it to be processed directly into fertiliser. This not only reduces ammonia emissions, but also contributes to more sustainable farming. Moreover, less manure is produced this way, contributing to a reduction in manure surpluses in the livestock sector.

Thus, the CowToilet is a promising development in the livestock sector, contributing to a better climate for both animals and humans and also contributing to more sustainable agriculture.

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