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This machine makes it possible to remove cow patties from the bedding. As the machine scoops up the top layer, the cow patties are breaded and sieved so that clean bedding falls back to the ground and the cow patties are collected in the machine's collection bin.

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Cleaning the bedding in a FreeLivingBarn has several advantages, including:

  • Improved cow health: Clean bedding reduces the risk of infections and conditions such as mastitis (inflammation of the udder), skin irritation and claw problems. This results in healthier cows that require less medical care.
  • Increased milk production: Cows that can lie comfortably and cleanly have less stress and can relax better. This can result in higher milk production and milk quality.
  • Improved feed intake: Cows living and sleeping in a clean environment are more likely to take in and eat their feed, as they experience less stress and feel more at ease.
  • Reduced ammonia emissions: A clean bedding absorbs urine better and reduces ammonia emissions. This ensures better air quality in the barn and a healthier environment for both the cows and the farmer.
  • Improved animal welfare: Clean bedding offers cows more comfort and welfare. This results in less stress and allows cows to better adapt to their environment.
''The machine easily rakes manure and wet pieces out of the bedding, resulting in a clean bedding for my cows'' - Klein Koerkamp
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The BeddingCleaner also works in an existing freestall barn

Do you have a free-range barn and would prefer to use organic material as bedding instead of the sand bedding used in the FreeLifeStall? The BeddingCleaner also works on organic material. We have tested the machine on flax, sawdust, miscanthus and straw pallets. Would you like to use the BeddingCleaner for these? If so, please contact us.

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Business development

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