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An energy-neutral and sustainable building

From 2015, we worked from Doetinchem in our CO2-neutral premises. We wanted a new location where we could work with all our employees in one place. Our wish was for this to be an energy-neutral building.

With the solar panels on the roof, we generate energy and offset our own CO2 emissions.


More than a number of solar panels

Wopereis solar installed the solar panels on the roof of our innovation centre. Installing solar panels is not the only thing that makes our company sustainable. There are many other components that contribute to a good environment and a pleasant working environment. For instance, the wood used for the doors and stairs, among others, bears the FSC quality mark. Floor heating/cooling is done with a heat pump; in short, we have no gas connection.

There are also other sustainable solutions in and around our premises. The drainage from the roof does not go via the sewer, but is led to the pond in front of the building. In case of fire, this water is used to extinguish fires. Of course, we also separate our waste as much as possible, such as wood, paper, plastic and rest.

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Optimal working environment

The most pleasant working environment possible is created for our employees. The entire building is fitted with underfloor heating/cooling. Since heat always rises, this is the most efficient way of heating. The awnings also ensure that the indoor climate remains pleasant. There are daylight lamps, electrically adjustable sitting desks and air-purifying plants. All this makes the working environment as optimal as possible.

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Sales manager

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Inside sales

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Sales & Dealer support

Looking for the right solution for your dairy farm?

We contribute to future-proof and profitable livestock farming. Feel free to drop by then you can experience the Happy Hanskamp experience.

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