We are Hanskamp

These are the faces of all our Hanskamp employees! A wonderful club of enthusiastic people working together towards the same goal.

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Sales & Dealer support

If you say customer-oriented, you say Marijn. Marijn can be encountered at trade fairs, trade days and at dealers' premises.

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Sales manager

With his fresh cheerfulness, Robin has been a fixture for our customers for years. Robin also channels, organises and structures the work on Sales & Marketing.

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Inside sales

Do you call Hanskamp? Chances are you will get Sjors on the phone. Quotations and orders are expertly handled by Sjors with his characteristic down-to-earth farmer attitude.

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Business development

With his drive and passion for the dairy sector and a touch of power, Jochem is our ambassador for the FreeLivingBarn and the CowToilet.

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Sales en dealer support

Armand knows the agricultural sector like the back of his hand and prefers to be on the road for Hanskamp to open new doors. Armand is the point of contact for our customers in northern Germany, England, Ireland, Scandinavia and Asia.

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Sales en dealer support

Adriaan prefers to be on the road for weeks on end to enthuse our dealers, and always returns full of stories and energy.

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Service engineer

Bennie provides technical support to our dealers. Both by phone and in the field. As a result, we receive the occasional photo of the service bus in the most beautiful places.

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Henk jumps out of bed every day to make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable system for the dairy sector with his company Hanskamp.

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General Manager

Laura monitors the direction of the vibrant team and supports the personal development of all employees.

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Logistics employee

Peter has his logistics work radiantly under control and ensures that our products leave the door neatly.

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Assembly worker

Devin works in the warehouse where he is mainly involved in assembly and fitting. He has an interest in animal husbandry and engineering.

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Assembly worker

Bjorn works in the warehouse where he is mainly involved in assembly and mounting.

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Assembly worker

Niek works in the warehouse where he is mainly involved in assembly and mounting.

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Offline marketing en communicatie specialist

Exhibitions and offline marketing and communications are in Nicoline's experienced hands. With sleeves rolled up and a smile, she simply takes care of it.

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Managing director Hanskamp France

Linda is responsible for our operations in France. She has lived in France for many years and therefore has a good connection with French livestock farmers.

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Purchasing, logistics & assembly coordinator

Roeland is great at thinking ahead and planning. This talent comes into its own in his position of procurement, logistics & assembly coordinator.

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Product manager

Bart knows the market like no other and is responsible for the further development of Hanskamp products.

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Manager engineering

Gerbert streamlines the work of the engineers and service department. Whenever he gets the chance, he prefers to be in the field providing technical support.

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Bart is an all-round engineer, working within Hanskamp on the technical drawings, mainly for the CowToilet and the BeddingCleaner.

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Engineer CowToilet

Lex has a lot of technical insight and can therefore be found a lot on the CowToilet test farm, where he sets up, runs and monitors tests.

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Hardware engineer

Joost is our electronics and hardware development specialist. With his precision and eye for detail, he knows how to find the best solutions.

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Dealer support France

Marco is the point of contact for our clients in the west of France. Marco has Dutch roots, but grew up and lives in France.

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Office manager

The cheerful Marjon arranges, organises and administers, ensuring that no one lacks anything at Hanskamp.

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allround sales employee

Milü is the all-around employee who strengthens the sales team and ensures smooth operations. With her wide range of tasks, she makes sure everything runs smoothly.

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Application manager

Ivo ensures that we can work carefree with the various automation systems at our beautiful office location.

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facility employee

Anita makes sure the premises and our workplaces always look spick and span. When Anita has been there, our floors shine and it smells lovely and fresh again.

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Software engineer

Erik bridges the gap between an idea and a concrete solution by developing software for our smart products.

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Roel is an all-round engineer and has extensive experience in developing mechanical structures. Roel keeps us on our toes with his down-to-earth Zeeland outlook.



Office manager Frankrijk



Marketing en communication France

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