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Weighing in the concentrate feeding station

Understanding the weight development of your cattle.

Gain insight into the health of your cows with the ScaleUnit

Get an improved insight into cow growth and health? The ScaleUnit offers an innovative solution by weighing cows while they are in the concentrate feeding station. This advanced technology enables accurate weight data to be collected from individual cows, resulting in better-informed decisions and more efficient management on your farm. Great for beef cattle, suckler cows and young stock.

Scale Unit Premier lot

Weighing cows with a scale offers a number of advantages:

  • Monitoring growth and production: Regular weighing of cows can help track growth and production.
  • Identify health problems, weight loss or weight gain. This can promote early treatment and recovery.
  • Increasing efficiency: Weighing cows makes it easier to make certain choices.

Weighing and monitoring livestock can help make more data-driven choices on your farm.


Monitoring growth and production: Regular weighing of cows can help track growth and production. This informs the farmer of the animal's progress and allows the farmer to make adjustments to nutrition and care.

"With this scale, I keep track of weight and growth per cow."

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Real-time insight

On any device; phone, tablet, laptop or desktop you can check the weight of your cows at any time of the day. Easy, fast and clear.

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