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T'port closing door

Closing door which is very suitable when there is not enough height space for the L'port closing gate.

Very suitable for rooms that are at least 190 cm high
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Closing door to protect the chewing cow in the FeedStation

Around the concentrate feeding station can often be unsettled, as lower-ranking cows are repelled. Moreover, bumping causes nasty injuries. With the T'port closing gate, this misery is definitely over. The T'port closing gate increases cow comfort by creating more peace and quiet in and around the feeding station.

Quiet feeding without pushy cows
A familiar problem; cows that come to get their portion of concentrate feed are chased away from the concentrate station. Especially heifers that are lower in rank are quite often repelled. As a result, the concentrated feed does not reach the cow that needs it, and by bumping there is a risk of injury to legs or udder.

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How the T'port closing gate works

The T-shaped construction of the T'port closing gate is moved back and forth by an air-pressurized cylinder. Read here the advantages of a pneumatic closing gate over a mechanical closing gate. As soon as a cow is recognized and starts her concentrate feed, the T'port closing gate closes silently at the signal of the feed motors and securely seals the entrance to the feeding station. When the concentrate feed is finished, the closing gate opens again. You can set the reaction speed of the closing gate yourself in 10-second increments.

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Safety first!

In case of power failure, the T'port locking door opens automatically and the cow can leave the feeding station. It is therefore impossible for the cow to become trapped in the feeding station. Moreover, the closing door can also be operated manually. Moreover, the T'port locking door scores points for the Sustainable Livestock Farming Yardstick.

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Fits any brand of FeedStation


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