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Transponder feeding system

Spider is the feeding computer for automatic and individual concentrate feeding in the milking parlour or in the concentrate stations.

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Spider feeding computer

Spider from Hanskamp is a feeding system that is like a spider in the cow barn. Just as a spider oversees and controls everything from its web, this feeding system keeps everything running automatically and individually in your barn or feeding station. The computer is of interest to any dairy farmer who wants automated and economically smart feeding, regardless of farm size.

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User-friendly feeding computer

The advantages of Hanskamp's Spider at a glance:

  • User-friendly user programme
  • Reads out common tags
  • Linkable with management programme
  • Ensures good operating efficiency
  • Easy to control with smartphone, tablet or laptop
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Thanks to the clear dashboard, I have more insight into my cows' feed intake.
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Good business returns

The Spider feeding computer results in good farm efficiency. Because you feed dairy cattle automatically, you feed your animals more accurately. So each animal gets exactly what it needs and what is best for her. The right portion has a positive effect on her health, but also the overall concentrate use on your farm.

Moreover, you save money on purchase by not having to buy new transponders. The SpiderAntenna can read almost all common ear, neck and leg transponders with a frequency between 115 and 140 kHz. As soon as a transponder needs replacing, you can replace it with the SpiderTag. In addition, you need fewer control boxes with this system.

Spider on the feedstation

Spider high res

Spider in the milking parlour

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Spider feeding system downloads

Download all information about the Spider feeding system here

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