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PipeFeeder HighSpeed

PipeFeeder for feeding in the milk carousel

Discover the PipeFeeder HighSpeed: superfast and extremely precise concentrate dosing in the milking carousel

Are you a dairy farmer looking for the perfect doser for the milking carousel? Then meet Hanskamp's PipeFeeder HighSpeed now. Designed to dispense concentrates quickly and extremely precisely in your dairy cow or goat carousel, the PipeFeeder HighSpeed is the solution you've been looking for.

Doses up to five pounds per cow in less than two seconds!
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Precise feeding in the rotary stall

Feeding concentrate in a milking carousel/turntable is an essential aspect of efficient operation. Thanks to its advanced design, this PipeFeeder HighSpeed can unload concentrate feed not only quickly, but also with extreme precision.

PipeFeeder with Dump

Feeding four feeds at once, it can be done!

One PipeFeeder HighSpeed has a capacity of 20 kg per minute, which is about 330 grams per second. Depending on the rotation speed and the desired number of kilograms of feed, you determine the number of PipeFeeders to achieve the desired amount of feed. If more feed needs to be fed, we have developed a HighSpeed Dump. This solution can carry up to four PipeFeeders, each of which can dispense its own type of feed. The feed is collected in a DumpUnit and can therefore dispense large quantities at once, up to 1320 grams per second.

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Characteristics that stand out

The PipeFeeder HighSpeed and the PipeFeeder Dump have all the advantages of the standard PipeFeeder, such as a stainless steel housing, accurate dosing of concentrate feed, minimization of feed waste and a calm environment in the barn. In addition, the PipeFeeder HighSpeed fits into any rotary barn and can be seamlessly integrated with feed computers of any brand and type.

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Pipe Feeder High Speed Dump on Waikato 44 bail Orbit Rotary
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Pipe Feeder High Speed Sheep rotary New Zealand 1 type of feed

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