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Liquid doser

Easy, fast and accurate liquid concentrate dosing in the milking robot and concentrate station

Liquid pump for automatic, precise and individual liquid additions to concentrate feed

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Prevent ketosis and increase your cows' health and milk production with MultiDos.

MultiDos, dosing liquid concentrates and additives
Healthy cows, that's what every dairy farmer wants. After all, healthy cows contribute to a financially healthy farm. By adding liquid concentrate and additives to the ration, it is possible to prevent a negative energy balance in your cows. The MultiDos is the successor to the PropyDos.

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Automatic and precise dosing

With the MultiDos it is possible to feed each cow individually the right amount of vitamins, minerals and liquid energy, controlled as a 3rd or 4th feed. You connect the MultiDos directly to your concentrate station or milking robot, indicate which cows need which amount of liquid concentrate and the dosing system does the rest. Practice has proven that cows take the product very well this way.

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MultiDos in container

  • Manual refill
  • Automatic refilling is also possible with MultiFill
  • Container capacity 34 litres
  • 5-metre pump
  • Liquid quantity easily visible through transparent container
  • Two pumps in one container is optional (multiple feed places)

MultiDos in housing

  • Pumping directly from storage container
  • 2 metres suction
  • 5 metres pumping
  • Can supply one feeding place
  • Often used in a milking robot

n.b. not for molasses-like products


Pumpable liquids

The liquids the MultiDos can pump contain up to:

80% glycerin with additional propylene glycol this is good to dose.

If you are unsure whether the liquid you want to dose is pumpable with the MultiDos? Please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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Healthy cows, healthy farm

Every cow has different feed requirements. By giving each cow the right amount of nutrients, the cow is able to produce optimally. In addition to the basic ration, it is sometimes necessary to give a cow something extra. For example, at the time a cow starts lactation. It has been conclusively proven that when we give a fresh cow liquid energy this cow no longer shows symptoms of ketosis, is healthier and produces more milk. With the MultiDos, every dairy farmer can give the cow that needs it a little extra, both preventively and curatively. A healthy herd ensures low veterinary costs and higher milk yields. The result: Healthy cows that provide a healthy bottom line.

How does the MultiDos work?

Multi Dos liquid Feeder
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MultiDos downloads

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