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FeedStation Walk-In

A transparent and simple FeedStation where the cow can keep in touch with the rest of the herd.

Robust and simple

Discover the FeedStation Walk-In: the ultimate solution for efficient concentrate feeding to cows. Our concentrate feeding station is designed to integrate seamlessly into any type of (cubicle) barn and can be effortlessly connected to any feeding computer. With quick and easy installation, the FeedStation is up and running in no time, allowing you to enjoy all its benefits immediately.

Hanskamp Feed Station Walk in with Lport

Modular FeedStation

What makes the FeedStation really smart is its modular nature. Several FeedStations can be effortlessly linked together in your barn, thanks to its smart design. This not only offers more flexibility in feed management, but also significant cost advantages. In fact, only one side gate is required for each subsequent FeedStation, keeping investment costs low.

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Extendable Functionalities

The FeedStation is standard equipped with a PipeFeeder. This feeding station can be connected to any brand of controller and is supplied without cow recognition and control.

The feeding station can easily be expanded to a maximum of 4 PipeFeeders, MultiDos for dosing liquid or a Black-V for dosing powders and the L'port closing gate. In addition, multiple FeedStations can easily be linked together.

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Out of Parlour Feeding FS walk in with Lport
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Red feeder in feedstation
Blue feedstation with closing gate
Cow eats in walk in feed station


Discover how FeedStation Walk-In makes an impact on four critical aspects. First, it provides precision in concentrate feeding, ensuring cows are fed optimally. This accuracy results in significant cost savings on concentrate purchases. It also leads to improved cow performance, which in turn results in more profit for the farmer. A happy farmer, happy cows and better yields all contribute to a positive impact on the environment. Find out how together we can create a better world.

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