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Closing gate for the feeding station

L'port closing gate protects cows in the feeding station

Closing gate to protect the chewing cow in the feeding station.

Around the concentrate feeding station it can often be unsettled, as lower-ranking cows are repelled. Moreover, bumping causes nasty injuries. With the L'port closing gate, this misery is definitely over. The L'port closing gate increases cow comfort by creating more peace and quiet in and around the feeding station.

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Eating peacefully without intrusive cows

Because the feeding station is securely locked, other cows have no chance of bumping into it. The L'port closing gate guarantees that each cow can take in her concentrate feed in peace. So you know that the concentrate feed will get to the right cow. This improves calmness in and around the concentrate station, which benefits cow comfort and animal welfare.

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Fits any FeedStation

The L'port closing gate is very easy to install on any type of feeding station. Especially for feeding stations with shorter side gates, the L'port closing gate is also available in an XL - extension version. When height space is a limiting factor we have developed a closing door that protects the cows but does not take up height space.

L'port closing gate

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Safety first!

The L'port closing gate is designed so that cow traffic is not hindered. The gate is perfectly matched to the feeding station so that no superfluous fences protrude above the walkway. Thanks to the air suspension, a cow holding its head under the closing gate cannot hurt itself. In case of power failure, the L'port closing gate automatically raises and opens the feeding station. It is therefore impossible for the cow to become trapped in the feeding station. Moreover, the closing gate can also be operated manually. Moreover, the L'port closing gate scores points for the Sustainable Livestock Farming Yardstick.

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How does the L'port closing gate work?

The L-shaped construction of the L'port closing gate is moved up and down by an air pressure cylinder. Read here about the advantages of a pneumatic closing gate over a mechanical closing gate. Once a cow is recognized and starts her concentrate feed, the L'port closing gate lowers silently at the signal of the feed motors and closes the entrance to the feeding station safely. When the concentrate feed is finished, the closing gate rises again. You can set the reaction speed of the closing gate yourself in 10-second increments.

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Out of Parlour Feeding FS walk in with Lport
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L'port closing gate downloads

Hanskamp's closing gate fits FeedStation of the following brands:

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