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Discover efficient feeding with the PipeFeeder feed dispenser for Milking Robots

Harness the power of advanced technology and improve the feeding process in your milking robot with Hanskamp's innovative PipeFeeder feed dispenser. This feed dispenser is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with milking robots and offers numerous benefits for both the farmer and the cows.

The PipeFeeder feed dispenser is the ideal solution for precise dosing of concentrate pellets or coarse farm mix blends. What sets this dispenser apart is its unique anti-spillage feature. This means that even if a cow accidentally bumps into the dispenser, no extra feed is lost. The result? A clean and efficient feeding environment with minimal waste. Moreover, this feature contributes to a calm environment around the milking robot, as cows are not encouraged to push.

A notable advantage of the PipeFeeder is the ability to dispense feed throughout the entire milking time of the cow. This means that the cow remains occupied with eating while being milked. This not only combats cow boredom but also contributes to a more efficient use of her time. Furthermore, it has been shown that cows fed during milking experience an increased oxytocin peak. This hormonal response leads to faster milk release, resulting in a more efficient milking session.

In summary, with the PipeFeeder feed dispenser, you bring advanced technology into your farm to optimize the feeding process in your milking robot. Reduce waste, create a peaceful environment, and promote smooth milk release. Invest in the future of your dairy farm with Hanskamp's PipeFeeder feed dispenser. Contact us today and discover how this innovative solution can improve your business outcomes.

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Optimal Flexibility with a PipeFeeder in Your Milking Robot

Are you looking for an advanced way to enhance the feeding process in your milking robot while retaining maximum flexibility? The PipeFeeder feed dispenser is the solution you need. With the PipeFeeder, you can effortlessly add additional types of feed to your milking robot, giving you the freedom to precisely tailor the ration for your cows.

What sets the PipeFeeder feed dispenser apart? The ability to easily add extra types of feed to your milking robot. This allows you to adjust your feeding ration based on the individual needs of your cows. Whether you want to dispense concentrate pellets, coarse Farmmix blends, or other types of feed, the PipeFeeder makes it possible with minimal effort.

But that's not all. For those who want to add even more diversity to their feeding program, Hanskamp introduces the Black-V dispenser. This special dispenser is designed to accurately dose powdered types of feed, such as minerals, powders, and fine farm mix blends, in various quantities of 5, 15, and 30 grams. With the Black-V, you gain even more flexibility and precision, enriching your milking robot's feeding program.

But that's not all. The MultiDos offers the ability to precisely dispense liquid types of feed in the milking robot. This combination of feed dispensers allows you to offer a wide range of feed types, both liquid and powdered, with the utmost accuracy and ease.

In conclusion, with the PipeFeeder and its expansion options like the Black-V and MultiDos, you are ready to provide your milking robot with a flexible and versatile feeding program. Determine your cows' rations accurately, add various feed types, and maximize the efficiency of your feeding process.

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