"The Spider's user programme, I immediately understood how it works!"


Over 50 Spiders are already running throughout Europe. Spider is the feeding computer to automatically and individually dispense concentrates at the concentrate station or the milking parlour. Dairy farmer Ronny van Santen, together with his wife Dita, runs a farm with 150 dairy cows and 150 young stock in the village of Osenhost D (near Bremen in Germany). Since the beginning of this year, his cows have been fed in Hanskamp feeding stations controlled by the Spider feeding computer to their complete satisfaction.

"Why did I choose the Spider? It saved me a lot of costs that I could keep my current collars with transponders. Furthermore, the system is very user-friendly, I immediately understood how it works. I now use several feeding groups. This allows me to give all cows the right amount of feed at a certain stage with very little work and build up or down feed curves. The feed is distributed nicely throughout the day and I currently only have 3 attention cows on the residual feed list!"

On the farm are 4 FeedStation Walk-Ins with L'port closing gates and MultiDos liquid dispensers. The L'port ensures that cows can no longer be rejected from the feeding station and each cow gets the right amount of concentrate feed. Van Santen "Those closing gates I am also so happy with, that completes the complete Hanskamp feeding system."

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