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Cowshed offers dairy and nursery sector a fertile future

18-4-2023 | 5

Urine in het beregeningswater

Cowshed offers dairy and nursery sector a fertile future

Henri Buitenhuis, nurseryman from Boskoop is lowering his shrubs and conifers into shit. This is because he fertilises his plants with urine. The cow's liquid gold.

Taking an innovative path is what Henri Buitenhuis likes to do, which is why this year he joined forces with Hanskamp from Doetinchem to make two sectors more sustainable together.

The liquid gold offers the dairy and nursery sectors a fertile future!
The urine collected by Hanskamp's CowToilet directly under the cow's tail serves as plant food at Henri's nursery. By using this natural fertiliser, they can grow plants in a sustainable way.

How do you collect cow urine?
Very simple really. The CowToilet triggers a urination reflex in the cow. The cow starts to urinate and the toilet immediately catches the urine. By not letting the urine come into contact with the manure in the manure pit, no emissions are created but valuable nutrients are preserved.

Green plants
The urine is mixed directly in the nursery's water basin with the sprinkling water for the plants. The sprinkler system provides the plants with the right amount of water and fertiliser with precision. The golden yellow cow urine is a green substitute for synthetic fertiliser. Henri Buitenhuis now supplies strong and sustainably cultivated shrubs and conifers with no smell.

Cowshed offers dairy and nursery sector a fertile future

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