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Urinebank.nl presents at plantarium and horticontact

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8-2-2023 | 3 min

Urinebank.nl presents at plantarium and horticontact

A total oddity in the nursery sector, Hanskamp is introducing a marketplace for cow urine called: Urinebank.nl.

Urinebank.nl is the place where supply and demand of cow urine meet. Cow urine is rich in nitrogen and potash and is an excellent fertiliser substitute for plants.

But how is cow urine extracted? Cow urine is collected by Hanskamp's innovative CowToilet directly under the cow's tail. As this prevents the urine from coming into contact with the manure on the barn floor, the urine remains pure. This also prevents ammonia emissions. This is because it occurs when urine and manure come into contact. This preserves the nitrogen in the urine.

Double profit Because most dairy farmers have a nitrogen surplus, it is more attractive to dispose of urine instead of slurry. So that the dairy farmer can keep phosphate and organic matter in the cycle and thus dispose of nitrogen in a targeted way.

We are talking about double profit here; both for the dairy farming sector and the nursery sector. The dairy farmer deposits cow urine towards a nursery, which can become more sustainable by using more natural fertilisers and less (polluting) synthetic manure. The greening of two sectors.

Have you become curious about Urinebank.co.uk?

Then visit us at the following trade fairs: - Plantarium - 7 and 8 February in Hazerswoude-Dorp - stand number 556; - Horticontact - 14, 15 and 16 February in the event hall in Gorinchem - stand number: D131.

Read more at www.urinebank.nl, watch this video in which Henk Hanskamp explains the whole principle again in detail:

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