The hormone Oxytocin triggers milk production. This hormone is indispensable during milking. Oxytocin production is stimulated by pre-treatment, but especially by providing concentrate during milking. When a cow cannot produce Oxytocin itself, it can be injected.

Swiss milking technology dealer Martin Reichmuth endorses this story. "A dairy farmer had to treat 35 of his 50 dairy cows with Oxytocin every day, otherwise he could not milk them. He was keen to get rid of spraying Oxytocin. It is labour-intensive, costs money and it is not good for the cows' welfare and fertility."

"Since this farmer fitted his 2x3 tandem milking parlour with PipeFeeders, he only needs to spray 5 cows with Oxytocin" says Reichmuth. The cows are fed concentrate throughout the milking, which keeps Oxytocin levels high and ensures the udders are milked well and quickly. Also, now that the cows are given kibble in the milking parlour, they come in much more smoothly. "In this case, this results in a saving of as much as 15 minutes per milking!"

To learn more about the PipeFeeder, check it out here.

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