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Cows love concentrate feed, which causes competition and aggression among themselves, around the concentrate feeding station. A scientific study by Herlin and Frank shows that in barns where the feeding station is fitted with a locking gate, the feeding station is used 67% more effectively and cows show 65% less aggression.

The study compared two groups with 20 cows each. The study lasted 18 weeks. The 1st group had concentrate feeding stations with locking gates. When taking in concentrate feed at the concentrate station, the closing gate closed behind the cow, preventing cows from bumping. After these 18 weeks, no difference in production could be seen between the two groups. However, it could be seen that in group 1 (the cows with a closing gate) the number of visits to the concentrate feeding station was lower. And that the number of non-rewarded visits was also lower in group 1. This can be explained by cows not being chased out of the concentrate feeding station early.

It was concluded that concentrate feeding stations with a locking gate are used 67% more effectively. In addition, there is 65% less aggression from cows outside the station towards the cow in the concentrate station.

Source: Effects of protective gates at concentrate feed stations on behaviour and production in dairy cows. Authors: Anders H. Herlin & Birgit Frank. Year of publication: 2006

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