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CowToilet wins silver hoof at Agribex 2023

This pioneering system caught the jury's attention because of its effectiveness and practicality.


On 6 December, we were proud to receive the Silver Hoof at the awards ceremony at the Agribex in Brussels. We look forward to contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future for dairy farming.

One of the stand-out features of the CowToilet is that the system is already on the market, demonstrating that the innovation is readily available to farmers striving to reduce emissions. Moreover, the system can be deployed in existing dairy barns, making it a cost-effective solution for the entire sector.

The CowToilet can collect as much as 50% of the urine produced by dairy cows. This urine can then serve as a valuable replacement for mineral fertilisers or even be sold to various users. Such as nurseries, for example, which are already using this natural fertiliser. The potential uses are promising, both in terms of sustainability and economic benefit.

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