Rapport ammoniakexmissie van het Cow Toilet voor in de melkveestal

CowToilet achieves great success in reducing ammonia losses

20-12-2023 | 8

Press release: CowToilet achieves great success in reducing ammonia losses

Wageningen University and Research has proved with a case-control study that the CowToilet works effectively! The CowToilet, developed by Hanskamp, has demonstrated its effectiveness according to the latest measurement report conducted at the Dairy Campus, Wageningen Livestock Research's research and practice centre for dairy farming.

Ammonia loss is mainly caused by urea in the excreted urine of dairy cows. The CowToilet offers an innovative solution by collecting much of the urine excreted by a cow before it reaches the floor. This keeps urine and faeces partially separated, removing the main source of ammonia emissions from the barn.

In the case-control study conducted by Wageningen University and Research, the CowToilet was shown to be effective. Depending on the methodology, reductions of up to 47.2% in ammonia loss can be achieved. These positive results are based on detailed measurements carried out between 1 December 2020 and 30 November 2021 at the Dairy Campus, comparing a barn with CowToilet ('case') with a barn without CowToilet ('control'). Both units were similar in design with concrete slatted floors and manure pits.

The results meet the requirements for decision housing with regard to licensing, emission reduction targets, and it supports livestock farmers in targeted manure disposal. In addition, when ReNure is recognised, urine can be placed in the artificial manure area.

The CowToilet had already been added to the RAV list by the RVO, with a Provisional Emission Factor (VEF) of 8.4 kg per animal place per year. In January 2024, Hanskamp will provide all the necessary reports to arrive at a Final Emission Factor. Together with the recently published WUR minerals report of the CowToilet and the securing principles of the system, Hanskamp hopes to promote licensing. Meanwhile, certification is also being actively pursued in other countries.

With its promising results, the CowToilet seems to offer a sustainable solution for reducing ammonia emissions in dairy farms. In addition, the system provides several benefits for the livestock farmer. For more information, please contact Jochem Tolkamp at j.tolkamp@hanskamp.nl.

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