Feed Station walk through


FeedStation Walk-Through

With the Walk-Through feeding station, the cow walks in at the back and out at the front. The cow can walk through it instead of making an unnatural backward movement. In addition, she can defend herself with her head. Claws and legwork are less stressed. An additional advantage is that cows, especially those in lower ranks, feel safer.

When the cow finishes eating, both gates go up. The rear gate rises more slowly, allowing the cow to leave the feeding station safely. The FeedStation Walk-Through is designed so that the cow can leave the feeding station straight. There are also no hinges or other obstacles on the inside of the feeding station. So the cow is optimally protected. Cow comfort at its best!

The open character of the FeedStation walk-through means the cow keeps contact with the herd. As a result, learning is not necessary. The cows see the operation of the FeedStation walk-through from each other.

The FeedStation walk-through is designed so that the cow can leave the feeding station in a straight line

L'port closing gate & PipeFeeder feed doser
Thanks to the two L'port closing gates that are mounted on the FeedStation, the FeedStation is securely closed. As soon as a cow enters the FeedStation, both gates close. The speed of closing is adjustable. When a cow leaves the FeedStation Walk-Through through the front, another cow can walk in through the back. This creates optimal cow traffic. Thanks to the ergonomic model of the FeedStation, the cow has all the space it needs to eat safely. It is possible to dispense two types of feed using the PipeFeeder power feed dispensers. Thanks to the clever anti-spill system, no chunks fall into the feed trough after the concentrate dosing. This prevents bumping into the feeder.

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