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Automatic refilling of your liquid doser

MultiFill takes work off your hands and automatically refills your liquid doser

"Over pouring is no longer necessary. MultiFill takes work out of your hands "
Multi Fill met IBC

MultiFill takes the work out of your hands!

Only checking that the large storage barrel is not yet empty. No more lugging heavy jerry cans and manually refilling on top of the concentrate station or the milking robot. The MultiFill automatically refills the containers of your MultiDos.

Multi Fill lengte installatie

How does it work?

The MultiFill consists of a self-priming electric pump connected to 230V. A float is installed in the MultiDos container. When the liquid in the MultiDos container falls below a too low level, the MultiFill motor starts running. Through a flexible transparent hose, the liquid from the storage container is automatically pumped to the MultiDos container (max. 50m away from the storage container). When the MultiDos container is full, the pressure switch ensures that the MultiFill is switched off so that the MultiDos container does not overflow. You no longer have to worry about it!

Is the MultiFill beeping? Then probably the storage vessel is empty or a leakage has been detected. Resetting can be done by plugging in and unplugging.

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