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Increase efficiency with MultiDos HighSpeed: quick and precise dosing of liquids

Are you looking for an advanced solution to dispense liquids accurately and at lightning speed? Meet the MultiDos HighSpeed, the ultimate choice for dosing large quantities of liquids with precision. This innovative technology is perfect for a variety of applications, from milking carousels to feed mixers and feeding robots.

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Speed and precision

Like the standard MultiDos, the MultiDos HighSpeed offers accuracy when dispensing liquids. However, as the name suggests, the HighSpeed version stands out for its impressive speed when dispensing substantial amounts of liquid. This makes it ideal for situations where speed and precision are essential. The MultiDos HighSpeed can pump 1.5 litres per minute. Is this quantity too large for your application? For example, if you are a goat farmer? The standard MultiDos pumps 224 ml per minute.

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Rotary, feed robot or feed mixer

The MultiDos HighSpeed comes into its own in the milking carousel, where it can quickly and accurately dispense liquids to cows. But the applications do not stop there. Whether you want to add liquids in a feed mixer or a feeding robot such as the Lely Vector, Trioliet or GEA DairyFeed, the MultiDos HighSpeed is ready to take the efficiency of your livestock operation to the next level.

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Optimising processes

Optimise your feeding processes, save valuable time and ensure accurate dosing of liquids. Get in touch today and find out how the MultiDos HighSpeed can help your business.

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