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FeedStation Walk-Through extended one way

Make Batch Milking an even greater success by making the best use of milking robots

To make optimal use of the milking robots, we have invested in walk-through concentrate feeding stations, which we also call "Walk-Through" concentrate feeding stations. These stations provide your cows with the extra nutrients they need to achieve peak performance. The biggest advantage is that the cows no longer need to be fully fed in the milking robot. This allows the milking robot to fully focus on the cow's precise milking process, resulting in more efficient and optimised milk production.

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Optimal cow traffic

The advantages of FeedStation Walk-Through extended one way

  • forward entry and exit
  • prevents stress and injuries
  • Fast changes, optimal cow traffic
  • more economical than the short version with T'port

The FeedStation Walk-Through extended one way has a separate entrance and exit, allowing the cow to follow her natural path and always move forward.

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FeedStation Walk-Through extended one way creates more peace in the barn. A cow entering the flock backwards cannot defend itself and experiences injuries and stress as a result. Also, the claws are often unnecessarily stressed by the twisting movement the cow makes to leave the feeding station.

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