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Manual Control

Simple and clear feed delivery settings

Stand-alone parlour feeding

ControlPanel is a simple system that allows you to target feeding cows in the milking parlour. Simplicity and robustness are the key words associated with ControlPanel. It is ideal for farmers who want to target feed their cows without using a transponder system, or who only want to use lure feed.

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Simple and accurate feeding in the milking parlour with PipeFeeders

This self-contained system now makes it even easier to feed in the parlour, both per individual doser and per side. In addition, feeding can be effortlessly adjusted with a simple touch on the touchscreen. The touchscreen shows the progress of the feeding process in terms of time and quantity. The ControlPanel automatically calculates the distribution of feed over time, and this data is stored for future use. With just the touch of a button, animals can be fed in a targeted manner even without transponders during milking.

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Handy and practical

ControlPanel is fully waterproof and durable, designed to take a beating. Operation is simple and intuitive. With every touch and change of settings, ControlPanel provides vibration feedback. On-screen buttons light up during the feeding process. Moreover, settings are fully customisable to your own preference.

  • Pulse interval (time between feedings, motor rotation)
  • Portion size
  • Display colour
  • Display language
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When not in use, the ControlPanel automatically switches to power-saving mode. Waving the screen activates it again. You can calibrate and adjust the language settings to your liking. The ControlPanel comes with a 10-metre-long cable. The power supply requires 12-24VDC and provides the same output. Mounting hardware is available if required.

Control Panel easy change by touch of vinger
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Control Panel individual feeding per point
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Downloads ControlPanel

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