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Spider Manual-ID

Central, clear and simple parlour feeding with a tablet

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With one click on the tablet, individual feeding!

Collar transponders are not required with this system. By using preset feed rate buttons or a feed curve set by animal number. You can feed all your animals individually from one central location in the milking parlor. This eliminates the need for recognition systems.

Spider Manual ID Feed button

Feed by pitch

Easily feed the cows a portion of concentrate per place in the milking parlor, it can be done with this Spider Manual-ID

  • Touchscreen; possible on tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop
  • Four adjustable knobs for feed amount
  • Ability to use gate switch as start signal
  • Ability to use color markers for feed amount
Spider Manual ID animal number

Feed by cow number

Rather give the cows her portion of concentrate by cow number? That too is possible with the Spider Manual-ID.

  • Touchscreen; possible on tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop
  • Determine the feed quantity by entering the cow number
  • Ability to use gate switch as start signal
  • Determine feed amount based on preset feed curves and reference date
  • Connection to management system available via Taurus link
  • Ability to mark attention cow (orange or red)
  • Attention list available on dashboard

Download all information about Spider Manual-ID here

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