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FeedStation Walk-Through extended

FeedStation Walk-Through extended makes cows feel comfortable and ensures optimal utilisation of your FeedStation

Extended walk-through feeding station, exit forward

This FeedStation Walk-Through is closed during the visit with L'port and forward a Texas gate, a one-way gate.

The forward gate provides the cow with forward access to the herd. This makes the changes of cows in the feed station quiet and fast.

Walk through extended cow walks out

The advantages of the FeedStation Walk-Through extended

    • Less claw strain due to forward motion
    • No udder damage from the closing gate
    • Ensures optimized cow traffic in the barn
    • Cow changes are 10 seconds faster vs. walk-in feeding station
    • Takes up more length space but saves pneumatic gate out and thus energy and investment costs
    • Ideal concentrate feeding station in combination with batch milking, see FeedStation Walk-Through one way

Absorbing concentrate in peace. A cow without stress has better resistance and can produce milk easier and better

Many regular feeding stations require cows to exit the station backwards. In this process, cows outside the feed station regularly bang on the cow, resulting in damage to udder and legs. A cow entering the station backwards cannot defend itself and suffers stress. Also, the claws are often unnecessarily stressed by the turning movement the cow makes to leave the feeding station. With Hanskamp's FeedStation Walk-Through extended, the cow leaves the feeding station at the front, so the cow experiences less stress and more rest.

Eating cow in walk through extended

Expandable options

The FeedStation Walk-Through extended is equipped with a PipeFeeder as standard. This feeding station can be connected to any brand of controller and is supplied without cow recognition and control.

The extended feed station can easily be expanded to up to 4 PipeFeeders, MultiDos for dosing liquid or a Black-V for dosing powders. In addition, multiple FeedStations can easily be linked together.

Walk through Trio
Behin a Walk through extended with black cow
Cows in Australia

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